days without you

Day 42

I’m trying not to contact you for at least a week. We didn’t talk yesterday. I’m not going to call you today. I miss you. I miss you. This too shall pass.

Day 35

You tell me that you feel lonely and that you want me to come over. It’s Sunday and you’re hungover. Fuck you.

Day 45

We talked about meeting up yesterday. For a glass of wine. I feel like I’m starting to get over you and that’s why I told you that I didn’t want to meet up. You didn’t reply. Today I was offered the job of my dreams.

Day +1

I’m going to start counting the good days.

Today I’m powerful, today I’m worthy, today I’m new




im so fucked up over the fact that some countries have free college

and free healthcare 

Kinda like their government acknowledges that those are rights not privileges

In Denmark you get 6 years of paid education at college level - this means that you can go to college and do a bachelors and then a master’s degree and get paid around 900 dollars for it.

However, I wouldn’t call it free, as we pay around 40-50 % of our income in taxes in order to have this kind of system. I love this system because it gives everyone equal opportunity to get an education and health care.

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The only obsession everyone wants: ‘love.’ People think that in falling in love they make themselves whole? The Platonic union of souls? I think otherwise. I think you’re whole before you begin. And the love fractures you. You’re whole, and then you’re cracked open.

—Philip Roth, The Dying Animal (via wordsnquotes)

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Nothing lasts,” she says, and there’s a little crack in her voice. “You think it’s going to. You think, ‘Here’s something I can hold on to,’ but it always slips away.’

—Tim Tharp, The Spectacular Now  (via c-oquetry)

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